Contour OrthoPosture Pillow

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Product Details

Sleep well with the cool breathability of our Contour OrthoFiber Pillow. Our pillows have a plush, supportive surface designed for proper alignment.

Enjoy cool breathability on a plush yet supportive sleeping surface! This pillow's unique orthopedic design helps relieve neck strain, shoulder aches, tension headaches and arthritis.

Choose from two different support lobe heights for proper spinal alignment, and help relieve neck pain associated with poor sleeping posture.  Improve airway alignment for smoother breathing during the night. A gently padded, quilted cover provides added comfort to your head and ear.  100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill comfortably supports you.  Fits standard pillow case sizes.


 Main Features

  • Fiberfill: 100% hypoallergenic
  • Quilted center


  • White


Size Information

Standard 25"X16.5"X4.25"


Product Code CTORTH


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