Create A King Bed Doubler System

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  • Brand Cadence Keen Innovations

Product Details

Experience the comfort of our luxurious Create a King Bed Doubler System. Our amazing bed furniture creates a king size bed from two twin mattresses.

Have two twin beds but need a King?  No problem!
Quickly and safely combine two twin beds, a day bed, or trundle into one large bed with the Create A King® Bed Doubler® System.  The Create A King® features a soft poly sheepskin that pads the middle where the two beds join.  The strong, wide nylon belts wrap the sides of the mattress and safely secures them together.   The Create A King® fits mattress sizes including Twin XL and can be machine washed and dried.  Proudly made in the USA, The Create A King®  comes with a 5-year replacement warranty.

Ideal for guest rooms, older homes/apartments whose stairs or elevators cannot accommodate a king size bed, and timeshares or vacation homes where twin beds are featured in one or more rooms.  


 Main Features

  • Enjoy king-size comfort without the king-size expense.
  • Washable and non-allergenic
  • The 8” wide sheepskin (100% Polyester) pads the center area where beds join
  • Adjustable 2” side belts with snap-shut buckles prevent separation and seamlessly joins the twin beds securely together
  • Fits all twin mattresses including twin XL.



  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Code CKCREA


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