Customatic Privia Adjustable Base

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  • Brand Customatic

Product Details

The Privia is the most advanced adjustable base ever developed.  Its contemporary modular base design combines the ultimate in function & fashion with an advanced frame that is ergonomically superior to respond to your body's natural mobility.  The head and foot are fully adjustable with the wireless hand remote with the wall-glider feature keeping you close to your night stand.  The addition of the exclusive Lounge Feature lets you lower the legs comfortably to a seated lounge position for greater customization than ever before!

The pre-programmed memory position buttons allow you to easily position yourself to today's most common positions at a push of a button.  The advanced dual massage provides added relaxation with pre-programmed features so you can customize your massage from gently soothing to an invigorating stimulation that improves circulation while reducing stress & tension.  The Auto Sync button makes it simple to synchronize two bases to work together for King Size mattress use.  To complete the package, LED Underbed lighting fixtures allow you to have a glowing Night Light to help you safely navigate easily in the middle of the night to assure your new CUSTOMATIC PRIVIA sleep system has everything you could imagine making it the ultimate dream machine. 


Main Features

  • Customization and personalization at your finger tips
  • Under bed "room glow" night light provides subtle light for safety
  • Wall-Glide design keeps you in easy reach
  • Therapeutic dual body massage
  • Steel leg balanced stability supports with locking rolling casters
  • Exclusive patent-pending gravity release safety feature
  • Foot lowering function for true lounge positioning and relaxation



  • 20 Year Limited


Product Code CCPRIV


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