Floral Bidjar Rug

  • List Price: $156.99 - $630.99
  • Online Only: $124.99 - $503.99
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  • Brand Couristan Inc

Product Details

Accent your home with the old world beauty of our Floral Bidjar Rug. Our beautiful rugs go with any furniture to give your room a more finished look.

With oriental and Persian influences this rug holds an antique yet modern day appeal. Influenced by Persian design, these power loomed treasures have been updated in a modern day color pallet that was chosen for its ability to be adaptable to today’s’ most demanding living spaces. With an affordable price this rug offers not only a modern look as your focal point of the room but also an old-world appeal, drawing much more admiration to such a piece.


Main Features

  • Oriental and Persian influences


Available colors

  • EBONY is primary color, secondary colors are cream, medallion gold,  Persian red, and Teal/Sage
  • PERSIAN RED is primary color, secondary colors are cream, ebony, medallion gold, and teal/sage
  • CREAM is the primary color, secondary colors are ebony, medallion gold, Persian red and teal/sage
  • SAGE is the primary color; secondary colors are Ivory, mauve, medallion gold, navy, Persian red, teal/sage and warm beige.


Care:  vacuum regularly and spot clean

Product Code CIBIDJ


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