Latechs Cushion Firm Mattress

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  • Comfort Level Firm
  • Mattress Type Latex
  • Brand Latechs

Product Details

The 14" Natural LaTech mattress was designed with the environment in mind. The LaTech foam is manufactured in a sealed pressurized chamber using pressure rather than chemicals to control the foams properties.  Harmful VOC'S are prevented from being released in to the atmosphere. There are 4 separate layers of foam starting with 2" of Natural Latex followed by several additional layers of engineered Latex with special Tri-Zoned properties for increased contouring and enhanced lumbar support.

Beneath the layer of Channel Vented Tri-Zoned Natural Latex are additional layers of Tri-Zoned, Channel vented engineered Latex foams.  These multiple layers of foam provide cool refreshing air circulation.   Excess heat is directed away so you can sleep in a temperature neutral environment.  The LaTech Foamspring basefoam is also designed for durable support while offering increased contouring and enhanced body support.

Main Features

  • Plush resilient Knit Cover providing soft touch and feel for lasting comfort
  • Natural Latex more responsive with increased lumbar support in center portion of mattress
  • Tri-Zoned, Channel Vented Engineered Latex for additional support and improved sleeping surface comfort
  • Convoluted Channel Vented Engineered Latex allowing for additional air flow breathability of mattress
  • Channel Vented Foamspring base for increased contouring and enhanced support
  • No Flip Construction
  • Certified Eco-friendly manufacturing process

Mattress and Foundation Height

  • Mattress Height: 14"
  • Standard Foundation Height: 9"
  • Low Profile Foundation Height: 5"


  • 25 Years (10 years non-prorated + 15 years prorated)

Size Information


39" x 75"


54" x 75"


60" x 80"


76" x 80"

Product Code BOY214

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