Organic Merino Wool Comforter

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Product Details

Our certified organic merino wool comforters are ideal for someone who has multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and is looking for purest and chemical free bedding, has allergies to down feathers and polyester fibers and is looking for healthier alternative choice, has allergies to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew or is looking for an eco-friendly comforter that can be used throughout all seasons.


Main Features

  • Perfect for all-year round comfort
  • Encased in certified organic cotton sateen fabric, 300TC, using fine 60’s yarn
  • Filled with fine certified organic merino wool
  • Comes in eco-friendly and reusable cotton packaging
  • 3rd party certified to industry's leading organic certifications
  • Regulate body temperature by ensuring the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Provide relief from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) as they are free of carcinogenic chemicals
  • Breathe more naturally than down and synthetic products


Product Care

  • Washable cover is recommended
  • Regular sunning and airing. The sun will naturally revitalize and disinfect wool bedding
  • Do not machine wash or dry. Spot clean with soft brush and mild detergent. Allow the product to air dry completely


Size Information

Crib 35" x 53"
Twin 66" x 86"
Full/Queen 86" x 86"
King 100" x 86"


Product Code SBWOCO


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