Ortho-Posture Extra Firm

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  • Online Only: $449.99 - $1,169.99
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  • Comfort Level Extra Firm
  • Mattress Type Innerspring
  • Brand Ortho-Posture

Product Details

The Ortho-Posture Extra Firm is designed to give you the best in both comfort and quality. It features antimicrobial fibers that work to resist dust mites, and help to make the bed a healthier place. The Foam Encasement allows for 100% usable sleep surface, while the offset coil system provides increased support and reduces roll together. The entire Ortho-Posture collection also is made with soy based foams to reduce the environmental impact of the mattress. The Ortho-Posture collection uses the Titan Foundation, which is made in an environmentally conscious way by using wood from renewable and sustainable forests.

Main Features

  • No flip construction
  • Foam Encasement
  • Offset Coil System
  • Antimicrobial Fibers
  • Knit Covers

Mattress and Foundation Height

  • Mattress Height: 13"
  • Standard Foundation Height: 9"
  • Low Profile Foundation Height: 5"


  • 10 Years Non-Prorated

Size Information


39" x 75"

252 Coils

Twin XL

39" x 80"

276 Coils


54" x 75"

357 Coils

Full XL

54" x 80"

391 Coils


60" x 80"

460 Coils


76" x 80"

575 Coils

Product Code KK9964

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