Polar Memory Foam No More Snore Pillow

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  • Online Price: $85.99
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Product Details

Enjoy a quieter night with our Polar Memory Foam Snore-No-More Pillow. These comfy pillows improve your sleeping position to help reduce snoring.

Reduce your snoring with the Snore-No-More Pillow. Designed by a physician, this revolutionary Pillow improves sleeping posture and reduces airway obstacles that can lead to snoring and sleep disturbance. Snore-No-More is as comfortable as a "regular" pillow, yet it aids in proper sleep positioning AND it's made with hypo-allergenic premium pillow foam!


Main Features

  • Material: Polyester / cotton cover

Recommended Care: To preserve flame retardancy, hand wash only. Air dry


Size Information

  • Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 4" 1/2"h

Product Code HUPONM


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