Protect A Bed Standard Luxury Pillow

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Product Details

Introducing Protect-A-Bed’s Luxury Pillow System, a revolutionary new pillow system featuring Tencel®, the new age fiber better than cotton. The Luxury Pillow System is super soft and fully adjustable to your own comfort level, while providing ultimate stain, allergy and dust mite protection. This Luxury Pillow contains extra, specially developed, microfiber filling which makes the pillow super soft and fluffy. Protect-A-Bed’s Luxury Pillow Protector has a natural Tencel® surface which has a soft and silky feel, is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The product also features the innovative Miracle Membrane® that provides a barrier for the pillow and the user to protect against allergens, dust mites and spills.

Set includes

  • 1 Standard Luxury Pillow
  • 1 Standard Luxury Pillow Protector

Size Information

  • Standard: 21" x 27"

Product Code PBLUXP


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