bedgear Dusk Pillow

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Product Details

bedgear DUSK Performance Pillow® powered by Dri-Tec® and Air-X® technologies.  Engineered with dual layers of Suspension Foam™ ventilated crown plus self-leveling flexible foundation – combines to create a graduated rise that cradles your skull base and reduces neck strain. Provides a personalized fit to you while retaining its shape to comfortably provide all night support. Suspension Foam™ is our unique blend of frothed natural rubber "springs," blended with silk-feel gel-fiber "connective tissue" to create a resilient pillow that instantly cradles your head, neck and shoulders. SLEEP TESTED to fit Back Sleepers or people with Medium Shoulders and Body Frames.

Form-fitting foundation is great for those who sleep with their arm beneath the pillow – contouring fill helps deflect pressure off your arm, while the crown maintains its natural curvature to correctly support your spine.

"Shock Absorber” all-way stretch inner cover moves with your motion while it propels and expels breathing vapor moisture and body heat.

Dri-Tec® fabric surface wicks away heat and moisture to help you sleep cool & dry. Your body temperature needs to drop 2 degrees each night for proper rejuvenation and recovery; reducing heat trapped next to your body helps you sleep more restfully.

Recommended Care
  • Spot Clean Only

Size Information (inches): 20x26

Product Code BGDUSK


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