About Your New Mattress

About Your New Mattress:
You can rest assured that you have selected the right mattress set! Today?s mattresses are designed with cushioning and upholstery layers that conform to the shape of your body just like a new pair of leather shoes conforms to your feet. Your body has grown accustomed to the lumps and sags of your old mattress so it is common for a new mattress to feel uncomfortable at first. As you sleep on your new mattress, you may begin to see body impressions. This is perfectly normal. It shows that your new mattress set is contouring to your body?s shape to provide maximum support where you need it most.
Support of the mattress is very important. If you did not purchase a matching mattress/foundation set, be sure that the foundation you use is new and of comparable quality and size. Failure to use a proper foundation can lead to unsatisfactory performance and damage, and will void the manufacturer's warranty and fire retardancy guidelines.
Some Full and all Queen and King size beds require a metal bed frame or base that has a rigid center support. If you did not purchase a new frame for your mattress set, check to insure the one you will be using is sturdy and has a center support. If not, call your Mattress Discounters’ Sleep Consultant to order one.
Most of the mattresses we sell now are completely maintenance-free, meaning that you no longer have to flip your mattress. In fact, you can’t flip it. Most of today’s mattresses are built with all the cushioning and comfort materials on one side, which extends the durability and adds to the comfort of the mattress set.
There are a few, however, that still require rotating and/or flipping. If your mattress has rope handles, they should not be used to rotate your mattress, as handles that tear or pull out are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
Never fold or bend your mattress (some king size and premium brand mattresses are designed to bend - see your manufacturer’s warranty). Don't stand on it or allow children to jump on it. Avoid bending the corners when putting on fitted sheets.