Delivery Instructions

At Mattress Discounters, we pride ourselves on dependable, professional and courteous delivery. To help us serve you best, please prepare for your delivery by following these simple steps:

  1. The area must be clear and bed linens must be removed. If the area is not clear, independent delivery agents will not set-up the merchandise.
  2. All pets must be secured before independent delivery agents arrive. If pets are not secured, independent delivery agents will not set-up the merchandise.
  3. Independent delivery agents are not responsible for moving customer’s furniture or bedding, or for dismantling customer’s headboard or frame.
  4. Independent delivery agents are not responsible for setting up customer’s existing headboards to any frame.
  5. Independent delivery agents will remove packaging to the curb. Bedding will also be removed to the curb unless otherwise stated on the front of your invoice. Steel frames will be removed to the curb or dumpster only, NOT to the truck.
  6. All balances must be paid by credit card or cash only. Personal checks, certified checks, or money orders are not accepted.
  7. Upon delivery, you must present your written invoice to confirm the terms of your purchase. You must inspect merchandise prior to the delivery person leaving the residence; you may refuse delivery of defective, damaged, or non-conforming merchandise.
  8. Delivery fees are non-refundable. There will be no additional delivery fees for completion of a partial delivery or replacement of non-conforming merchandise.
  9. Customer must report any issue arising from delivery to Mattress Discounters within 2 days of the delivery. If an issue is not reported within 2 days of the delivery, customer waves all rights to any remedy, if any, resulting from such issue.
  10. If you have questions about your delivery, please call 1-800-BED-TIME.


*Please note: There is the possibility that a Full or Queen size foundation will not fit up some staircases. In this situation, you may need to purchase a split-foundation at an additional charge. Contact your Sleep Counselor for more information.


  • Delivery Instructions