How Much Sleep Do You Need

At the same time, sleep experts are united in their assessment that getting enough sleep is essential to health and well-being.  For sleep to be rejuvenating, you should get your sleep in one uninterrupted block of time.  Disruptive sleep is not restorative and will cause drowsiness.  Six hours of good, solid sleep is often more restorative than eight hours of poor, fragmented sleep.

Children need a lot more sleep than adults do because they’re constantly growing.  Click here to find out more about Kids & Sleep.

Many people believe that aging causes sleep problems and that seniors need less sleep as they grow older.  These are commonly held myths that unfortunately can result in the sleeping problems of the elderly to be ignored, when in fact they need the same 7-9 hours of sleep adults need.  Read more....

In short, being healthy requires sleep that is healthy – it’s that simple.

Try this test to find out how much sleep YOU really need:

Go to bed at a time you’re likely to fall asleep easily and make sure it’s at least 8 hours before you need to get up.  Maintain that bedtime every night for a week and keep track of the time you wake up.  If you wake up earlier than 8 hours every day then you may not need the full 8 hours, but if you need an alarm clock to wake you after the week’s passed, you haven’t slept enough.


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