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The Foundation is the bottom component of the sleep set. It is constructed of wood and is designed to be a flat ridged surface acting as a platform to place your mattress on raising it up off of the frame or rails of your Headboard / Footboard. It is a non yielding surface and is ideal for one sided mattresses. Many mattresses constructed of pocketed coils and high tech foams require a non yielding foundation in order to maintain the warranty and for maximum performance of the sleep set.
Box Springs differ from foundations in that they are made of wood and steel torsion modules that act as a shock absorber for your mattress. Box springs absorb 70% of the initial energy compression when entering the bed and therefore help extend the performance life of the mattress.
Box Springs and Foundations come in several size options to accommodate ease of delivery and esthetics of the bedroom.

Foundation Heights

Things to consider when selecting your Foundation or Box Spring
  • Standard Height Foundations are 9 inches tall and are typically matched with Tight Top and Soft Top mattresses. If you’re current mattress set is greater than 8 years old, your foundation is most likely 7 inches tall. The added 2 inches may make delivery of your new set difficult or impossible. Reduced Height (4.5 ") or Split Box springs may be required
  • Reduced Height Foundations are 4.5 inches tall and are recommended for Pillow Top mattresses and post bed or sleigh bed situations. The combined height of your new sleep set may be much greater than your current set particularly if you have selected a Pillow Top. Your new sleep set may be too high for you to get in and out of comfortably and may feel like it overpowers the bedroom. Headboards and nightstands were made to match the height of the mattress set. If your bedroom set is greater than 10 years old, the new set may appear to be too high as it relates to your headboard and night stands. Alarm clocks and phones placed on the night stands may now appear to be too low and out of sight while Ceiling fans may appear too close. For Pillow Tops and Ultra Plush models, we recommend the Reduced Height Foundation option.
  • Split Box Foundations - ideal for added center support and for tight hallway and staircase delivery situations.


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