Learn About Pillows


Pillows are much more important to a good night sleep than may have been given credit for in the past. Pillows provide 20% of the sleep surface and are actually the beginning of proper spinal alignment.
Have you ever been fitted for a pillow?    
Pillows are designed for the position you sleep in to allow for proper spinal alignment, easier breathing and muscle relaxation while sleeping.
For side sleepers, the pillow should fill in the distance between your shoulder and your head so that your neck remains parallel with the sleep surface. If the loft of the pillow is too high, your neck remains crooked resulting muscle strain which will cause you to toss and turn.
For back sleepers, pillows should support the natural curve of the neck and allow your head to rest slightly elevated. If the loft of the pillow is too high, your head will be elevated which contributes to neck strain and snoring
For stomach sleepers, a very low loft pillow is required so as to not strain the neck muscles throughout the night.
How often should I replace my pillows?
Pillows should be replaced every six months for heath reasons. Allergens build up in the pillow which contribute to that congested feeling which interrupts your good night’s sleep. Traditional pillows filled with poli-fibers tend to become matted down after time and loose their loft. When the pillow looses loft, then you are resting out of proper spinal alignment and sleeping difficulties begin. Also, matted down pillows are less comfortable and create pressure points which cause you to toss and turn at night.
Foams, Fibers or Feathers
Today’s pillows come in a variety of feels and fills. Each has their own advantages.
Foams such as memory foam and latex provide unmatched comfort, support and durability and are naturally anti microbial. For a more traditional and luxurious feel, feather and down pillows may be the solution. Fiber filled pillows are great for guestrooms and for filling decorative pillow shams.
Pillows are 20% of the Sleep Surface
Since pillows represent 20% of the sleep surface, the pillow that you are using while selecting your new sleep set has contributed to the overall comfort of the set. If you change the pillow, you will have changed the overall feel of the mattress. It is recommended that you select the pillows and the mattress at the same time and go home with the matched set.


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