Learn About Protecting Your Investment

Mattress and Pillow Protection

Your new sleep set is a major investment in your health and well being. You will have spent considerable time and resources selecting your new set so you will want to keep it for many years to come to reap the full benefits of your investment.
Why do I need mattress protection?
You selected your new sleep set based on many factors but comfort being the main reason. To keep the showroom comfort of your new mattress you will need to protect it from the factors that over time change the feel of your mattress. Those factors include perspiration, body oils and salts as well as allergens left from dust mites. These factors breakdown and matt the fibers of the comfort layers, changing the desired comfort of your mattress. These changes will result in hard spots to the surface of the mattress creating pressure points that cause you to toss and turn. To extend the comfort life of your mattress, protect it with a mattress protector.
All mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty lasting anywhere from one year all the way up to as many as twenty five years. These warranties are very valuable because they allow for full replacement of the mattress should there be any manufacturers defects such as sagging or squeaking. However, rips stains and burns to the cover of the mattress will void the warranty. Bedrooms have become havens for relaxation and family time so much more time is spent in bed. Don’t change your lifestyle for fear of voiding your mattress warranty. Protect your investment with a mattress protector.
Allergens begin to build up in your mattress after the first night you sleep on it. Airborne allergens such as pollen and dust are present everywhere and settle in your mattress. Dust mites feed on the millions of skins cells you loose each night as well as your perspiration absorbed into the mattress. Fecal matter left behind by the dust mites quickly build up in the mattress and cause breathing issue and allergy reactions. Proper mattress protection will eliminate dust mite problems entirely.
Bed Bugs have become a major concern in the last few years. Vacationers and business travelers are encountering bed bug issues in hotels and are unfortunately bringing the problems home with them. Once bed bugs are brought home, the quickly infest the entire house making for health issues and costly extermination bills. Most of the time the mattress must be replaced. Protect your mattress from bed bugs with a fully encased mattress protection system.
Do I need protection for my pillows?
Absolutely! The same conditions apply for your pillows as do your mattress. And let’s face it; these conditions exist with direct contact to your face. Pillow protectors will provide allergen protection as well as protection