Learn About Size

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, it's important that you choose the right size mattress to give you as much room as possible.

What should I take into consideration when selecting the correct size of my new mattress set?
For Adults
  • The mattress should be longer than the tallest person who will be sleeping on it and wide enough so that the person has enough space to lie in their natural resting position without reaching beyond the edge of the mattress or in the case of couples having their elbows or knees touching. For couples we would recommend a Queen or King.
  • The closer you get to your partner, the greater the chance for motion transfer as well as heat transfer which can disturb your restful sleep. Larger sleep surfaces reduce these factors
  • Consider your lifestyle needs. Do you expect young children or family pets to join you in bed? If so, additional sleeping space would be required.
For Young Children
  • Consider the length of time you expect to keep the mattress before replacing it. You should select a mattress that your child can grow into instead of grow out of.
  • Remember to factor in times where you may need to spend time in bed with your child such as nighttime readings and comforting sessions. If space permits, we suggest a full size.
For Teens
  • Remember these are the growing years so anticipate the growth spurts and select a size they won’t grow out of.
  • It’s likely homework and study time will be spent in bed as well as video gaming
  • The child will be off to college in a few years, so the room may be converted into a guestroom. If space permits, we suggest a full size
For Guest rooms
  • Consider if couples will be using the bed. If so a full size with proper edge support would be required. If space permits, a queen would be recommended since most couples sleep in queen sized beds. Your guests will appreciate the added space and have a more restful stay
  • Anticipate that you may be sleeping in the guestroom on occasion. Relief from a snoring or restless partner, or times where young children have come in for comforting with your spouse.
  • Children’s sleepovers where more than one child would be sleeping in the bed

Mattress Size Chart

Twin Size Mattress– 39"x 75" – Ideal for bunk beds, daybeds and small guestrooms
Twin Extra Long Size Mattress– 39" x 80" – For teens and guestrooms
Full Size Mattress– 54"x 75" – Ideal for teens and guestrooms
Queen Size Mattress– 60"x 80" – For Adults, couples and larger guestrooms
King Size Mattress– 76"x 80" – Ideal for Couple and growing families