Sleep Tips

Why is Sleep Good for Your Health?


Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential biological need.  Without it, you can’t be your best during the day – at work, at home and in the car.  Our behavior, moods, our ability to make decisions and even our eating habits are affected by the quality of sleep we get.

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How Much Sleep do You Really Need?

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Experts recommend a range of 7-9 hours of sleep each night for adults of every age.  While sleep patterns change as people age, the amount of sleep adults need remains constant.

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How Well are You Sleeping?


A 2002 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation "suggests that people understand the connection between their sleep habits and how they feel, how they treat others, and, in general, how they live their lives.

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Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep


Getting a good night's sleep is esssential to your health and well being.  Learn more about getting a good night's sleep from Mattress Discounters, we've provided a wealth of information about the importance of getting a good night's sleep as well as tips to achieving the best nigtht's sleep possible.

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Kids and Sleep


A 1999 National Sleep Foundation survey on Sleep in America reported 60% of children under 18 reported being tired and 15% said they had fallen asleep in class.  These are the results of millions of children experiencing problems sleeping.

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Seniors and Sleep


Many people believe that aging causes sleep problems and that seniors need less sleep as they grow older.  These are commonly held myths that unfortunately can result in the sleeping problems of the elderly to be ignored, when in fact they need the same 7-9 hours of sleep adults need.

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Sleep FAQ's


What is Insomnia?  Is Snoring harmful?  Are teenagers that fall asleep in class just lazy?  Answers to often asked questions about sleep.

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