Signs You Need A New Mattress

Curiously, most people don’t even think about their mattress set until they see visual breakdown of their current set, when in fact, it might have been broken down for years.
Here are a few things that tell you it’s time to start shopping for a new mattress set:
  • If it looks visually worn. If you can see coils poking out
  • If you can feel coils when you lie down
  • If you’re sleeping on a hand-me-down from your parents or worse, your grandparents
  • If you know your mattress set is five to seven years old
  • If the cover is stained with coffee, dirt and anything else
  • If you’re embarrassed of the way your mattress looks without sheets on it
  • If you’re still sleeping on that mattress you bought yourself in college, it’s probably not doing the best job for you now that you’re an adult. Buy the best mattress set you can afford
  • If you see any type of sagging (that would be more than 1 ½ inches of an impression in your bed)
  • If your arm or other extremity falls asleep or tingles when you sleep on your side or stomach, your bed may be too hard
  •  If when you sit on the bed it creaks
  • If you don’t have enough room for you and your partner and the animals and children who come to sleep with you throughout the night
  • And, of course if you toss and turn every night it might be your mattress! Most people blame it on stress, work, children, noises, temperature and a host of other possible sleep-stealers, but stop and think about whether it’s time for a new mattress set
The Better Sleep Council ( recommends carefully evaluating the comfort and support of your sleep set at least twice a year.


  • Signs You Need A New Mattress